Cape Town Club - South Africa

Tipping is discouraged, except in the restaurant in the evenings. The club does not offer credit facilities, except to those members who are willing to permit the club to directly debit their credit card at the end of each month.

Visiting the Cape Town Club

Letter of introduction

You should contact the Cape Town Club prior to your visit and supply a Letter of Introduction from the Carlton Club Secretary. Request a Letter of Introduction.

Dress Code

The preferred dress in the club house is jacket and tie. But the club has relaxed its dress code to take account of the more informal manners of our time, and in recognition of Cape Town's hot summers, elegant open-neck lounge shirts and tailored slacks are now permissible in all rooms of the club. More casual attire is acceptable in the downstairs veranda areas and the adjacent Merriman ante room.



No accommodation, but have special preferential arrangements with three establishments nearby.


18 Queen Victoria Street
Cape Town
South Africa

Telephone Number

Fax Number


Mr Barney Mulock-Bentley