Ulster Reform Club - United Kingdom

Please call the Club for further details.

Visiting the Ulster Reform Club

Letter of introduction

You should contact the Ulster Reform Club prior to your visit and supply a Letter of Introduction from the Carlton Club Secretary. Request a Letter of Introduction.

Dress Code

All Members and their guests will be expected to be properly dressed at all times when on the Club Premises. For example Gentlemen are expected to wear jacket, collar and tie at all times. Ladies should dress accordingly by wearing smart business attire. All overcoats must be left in the cloakrooms provided. The dress code may be relaxed for those using the Private Hire Rooms or Business Room. Jeans, t-shirts and trainers are not deemed acceptable dress at any time. The final arbiter on all the above matters is the Chief Executive or senior member of staff on duty at that time.



No accommodation - deals at two hotels close by.

Sports Facilities

Fitness suite.

Other Facilities

Business room.


4 Royal Avenue
Northern Ireland
United Kingdom

Telephone Number

Fax Number


Mr Alex Graham