Dress Code

Dress Code

(i) Formal Dress Code

Within the ‘public’ areas of the clubhouse, gentlemen are expected to wear a tailored jacket and formal trousers together with a collared shirt and tie (no cravats).  Ladies are expected to wear commensurate business or formal day wear. Members and guests wearing formal national dress or uniform appropriate to their office are welcome.

(ii) Smart/Casual for Mornings/Weekends and Friday Evening

The weekend dress code begins on Friday evenings.  Members are allowed to wear “Smart Casual” dress from 5.00pm through until 11.00 am on Monday.  At weekends and before 11 am on week days, acceptable smart casual dress may be worn throughout the clubhouse.  Acceptable smart casual dress for gentlemen is defined as a smart shirt with collar and tailored trousers.  Members may prefer to wear jackets and ties, but this is not required unless dining in the Wellington Room or private function room.  Smart pullovers are acceptable provided they are worn over a collared shirt.  Ladies are expected to dress commensurately.  In the Morning Room between the hours of 9am – 5.30pm, the dress code is relaxed, and gentlemen may remove their jackets and ties.

(iii) Acceptable Standards

Members and guests are expected to be appropriately dressed in the clubhouse at all times. Inappropriately dressed Members or guests will be asked to leave the clubhouse, which is likely to cause offence to guests and embarrassment to Members. Notwithstanding the above, the Secretary, or in his absence, the senior member of staff on duty, may require any Member or guest to leave the Club, who is not, in their opinion, dressed in accordance with acceptable standards.

(iv) Acceptable Standards Continued

By way of illustration of this Bye-Law, the following items of dress are not acceptable in the clubhouse:

Denim clothing;

Jeans style trousers or their close relations;


Leggings or jodhpur-style trousers;

T-shirts or their close relations;

Tracksuits or shell-suits;

Flip-flops, training shoes or plimsolls;

Rugby or football tops or other sportswear, and;

Clothing with large or offensive logos, inscriptions or advertisements.

v) Both ladies and gentlemen Members and guests are requested to remove outer street garments on entering the clubhouse and deposit their hats, coats, briefcases, parcels, shopping bags, etc in the appropriate cloakroom.   Naturally, ladies may retain their handbags and continue to wear hats if they so wish.

(vi)  Hot Weather

In exceptionally hot weather the Secretary, or in his absence the senior member of staff on duty, may allow gentlemen to remove their jackets in the Wellington Room and on the Terrace.

(vii)  Conclusion

Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests are aware of the dress standards.